Friday, April 18, 2008

Fred Turner takes McD's podium again

McDonald’s bi-annual chainwide meeting offered something a little different this year, at least for individuals who’ve logged at least 20 years with the brand. Included among the 15,000 franchisees, executives, employees and suppliers who gathered in Orlando this week for the quick-service giant’s Worldwide Convention were 1,500 people who have spent at least two decades within the system and are still logging days on the job. Another 500 are retirees. Together they constitute what the chain has dubbed—what else?—McVeterans, and they were honored for their role in building the company at a two-day, invitation-only gathering that dovetailed with the larger get-together..

According to an attendee, the turnout included several executives whose tenure dated back to the days of Ray Kroc, including former chief executives Fred Turner and Michael Quinlan. But, the attendee indicated, this wasn’t a then-vs.-now thing. The McVeterans McEvent included presentations by both Turner and current CEO Jim Skinner.

Instead, he said, it was a tribute to the folks who stoked the economic engine that just keeps chugging along.

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