Friday, August 10, 2007

Another health breakthrough

Health enthusiasts can now munch a fried Twinkie at the Indiana State Fair without having to fret about what kind of oil was used to cook it. Organizers say the event, underway as of Wednesday, is the first state fair in the nation to outlaw the use of trans-fat fryer oil. Funnel cakes, zeppolis, corn fritters, corn dogs —all are being cooked in fats other than the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils that infuse trans fats into fried food.

Of course, the requirement has yet to transform deep-fried Snickers into the equivalent of a side salad. As one local story noted, your average funnel cake packs 760 calories and 44 grams of fat.

Three days into the Indiana festival, organizers have yet to predict if they’ve started a trend with their ban. Or, for that matter, if anyone has really noticed as they wolf down a corn dog and fries.

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