Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Now you're causing car wrecks

Even if Brad and Tiffany Consumer cook every meal at home, that restaurant down the street could be a hazard to their health. Or so suggests a study released today by the party animals at Quality Planning Corp., a concern that helps insurance companies determine who’s going to live a long and healthy life and who’s an episode of “Six Feet Under” waiting to air.

The unsung heros who work behind the scenes in the Hollywood-like world of insurance, QPC’s researchers surveyed some 2 million claims to correlate injury with place of residence. They found that an average consumer is 30% more likely to crash the Camry if he or she lives within a mile radius of a restaurant. The next most dangerous situations: Living near a supermarket or a school, with 26% greater chances of having a wreck.

The safest place to live is in the shadow of a church, whose neighbors are 11% less likely to crunch a fender.

Researchers noted that the findings support what you’d think intuitively: The more traffic an area sees, the more likely the cars are to hit one another.

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